Monday, December 8, 2008


I am glad to announce that this little place is called from now on. I decided to make it easier to find this webpage by registering than There are many exciting posts coming soon... as lately I've been to places to eat and dine. I will also announce for the first time that there will be a challenge I'm gonna do next year, 2009. It's food related, I'm still thinking whether to do it or not. Anyways, its going to be year end and I haven't been out of the country this year so... within this few weeks, I might attempt to go somewhere near (out of Malaysia) to get my passport stamped... just for the sake of it...

Please do drop by often as I will update this blog as regular as possible.

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BLue said...

come singapore, i bring u find nice food :)

Yi Ling said...

woots. more food posts coming up. HAHA. cant wait XD

Loke said...

sweetas! i would love visiting a food blog off u!