Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KLCC View At Night

I had been trying to get a shot like this with my Sony DSC-W110 but it will never happened. I got a new "toy" lately and I took this shot without setting up anything. Its a digital camera and its not a DSLR. From now, I can take nicer pictures and nicer shots.

To be fair, Kuala Lumpur does have nice skyline at night times. I took this somewhere near Jln Tun Razak. KLCC is always so breathtaking at night times.


KY said...

does seem a bit noisy though, perhaps with a tripod & lower ISO setting?

Wilson Ng said...

The magic of this new camera is:

1. I didn't use the tripod
2. Its in easy mode
3. Its anti shake....

I will blog about this new camera soon... thanks for reading KY