Friday, February 27, 2009

Famous Roast Duck @ Restoran Sun Ming, Cheras


I've been to this place! Like many many years ago.

Jarod and the gang went here few weeks back when I was out of office. My kiasu-ness hits me so hard until I went there "commando" (alone) to try out the infamous roast duck.

The usual crowd would looks like this. People queuing up taking orders and such. So being a smarter "ass", I went later on in the afternoon around 3-4pm. Not much people due to "odd" hours and I can sit wherever I want.


I ordered a Roast Duck Drumstick rice for RM 10! Yeah, I was shocked. Well, it was all worth the money. It was good. A meal that gave me a satisfaction. Even though I was there late afternoon, the duck skin was still crispy and the taste was pretty good. For once, I shall say this place is NOT OVERRATED! Its a place worth for a try.

No 137, Jln Sarjana,
Taman Connaught
Tel: 03-9133 2151

Famous Beef Noodle and Char Kuey Teow @ Kedai Kopi Lai Fong, KL



Last week I went to a marathon, read more HERE. After that, we went to look for food. Knowing Jalan HS Lee is nearby, we went to Kedai Kopi Lai Fong. Famous for its beef noodle for years, I had never tasted it since more than 5 years ago. We parked at Central Market, walked to there within minutes. Even though it was still early in the morning, the place was already crowded.


We all knew about the famous beef noodle but their char kuey teow also equally good as recommended by friends.


It was indeed a satisfaction guaranteed char kuey teow. Noodle and kuey teow were stir fried together with chinese sausages, prawn, fish cake, cockles and eggs. All together then stir fried again with bean sprouts and chilli to perfection. As colourful and good the kuey teow looks, it was delicious. A plate of this will not cost you more than RM 6 per plate.


Then, the famous beef noodle.


Sadly, I'm not a big fan of beef "inner" organs. I only tasted the lovely soup and the beef balls. Rachel loved this. Yet again, a bowl of this only cost like RM 5-6. The great thing about this place is you pay little but you get great foods. Recommendable!

Jalan HS LEE Junction
(Park at Central Market / Kota Raya, walk over to there)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

World Largest Market @ Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand (Jan 09)

Chatuchak, the largest market in the world, is also known for its role as the weekend market. However, my last trip I couldn't make it to the weekend so many might wonder, how is Chatuchak during weekdays. I tell you how....

On my very last day in Bangkok, I decided to go to Chatuchak. It was a weekday.

Many might thought that they will be closed on weekdays, well its not all that. Some or most shops are still open on weekdays.

I went to the paintings section and there were lots of impressive painting. I wished I could drive all the way up and bought all those stuffs. Just to let you know, my parents drove to Bangkok before, in fact to Chiang Mai also.

There were lots of plants displayed on that day. I saw lots of pick up trucks carrying plants, maybe there were from outstation or other areas of Thailand?

Transportation was not an issue in Chatuchak. Taxis and even tuk-tuk were on standby if you need them!
In case, you couldn't take back the stuffs you bought. There's a few courier companies there can do the job.

Chatuchak can be accessible by BTS Sky Train (right to the front of the market! Very convenient) or taxis. Taxis are everywhere in Bangkok.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shopping @ Central World, Bangkok (Jan 09)

My first time to Central World to be frank and I must say, its huge. Catered to medium to upper market (I guess), there were lots of things to shop in this gigantic shopping mall. From what I've heard, this place used to be a trade center, so you can imagine the size of this place.

There were cineplexes!

A few storeys of lovely restaurants....

One thing I realized about Bangkok malls were, you were not allowed to take any pictures. I took lots of risks taking this pictures and share to everyone here. Sharing is caring okay! This place I would consider similar to Siam Paragon, much bigger and more foods. They were still renovating bits here and there at the higher level as its still very new I guess.

Central World is walking distance to BTS Sky Train, Platinum Mall, MBK and Siam Paragon. My best opinion, get the CAB! It won't be that much depending on traffic jams.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thai Food @ Blue Dragon, Cheras (Dec 08)

This was my second visit and I was celebrating New Year's Eve with Joyce and Rachel. My first visit was ordinary so coming for the second time, I have not much expectations at all.


The place is easily recognizable on the same row of Janbo near the Yulek roundabout. The place has 2 levels. Level 2 is very cozy but a bit too dark to my likings.


The trademark of Thai food is always Tom Yam Soup. We ordered a Seafood Tom Yam soup that came handsomely with lots of seafood. The soup was thick and it was pretty good.


The Claypot Seafood Fried Rice was next. The taste was there, thick and aroma. Simple and nice.


The spring roll was ordinary. Its a finger food, so what do you expect?


The chicken wing was next. Crispy and well marinated. Not too bad. Lovely taste and crispy!


Mushroom rolls was slightly unique. Different than the usual spring rolls.


Tarosa or Yam Puff was ordinary. I had better yam puffs than this but for first timers, this could be something you might order.


It was a lovely place to dine, with the lights just way to dark for me. The food to me was not too bad, few dishes were pretty good. Service was good. The feast cost us around RM 100 plus cockage for a bottle of wine as well as few glasses of their specialty drinks.

60, Jalan 5/101C,
Off Jalan Kaskas,
Taman Cheras (Commercial Center),
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 9132 9255

THE BEST Ramli Burger Special @ Ampang


If you stay in KL and you are one big fan of Ramli Burger and you haven't visit this place, don't even ever dare to call yourself a Ramli Burger Fan!

If you are a foodie and you have not heard of OM Burger. I’m ashamed of you guys. OM Burger or Burger Sri Tanjung have been around the same place, same spot for over 10 years in Ampang Jaya right in-front of the 7-11. All you Ramly burger fans, u know what I’m talking about.

I would say this is one sought after burger. Everyone talks about this burger in KL. Popular or commonly known as OM Burger or Burger OM, Sloppy Joe’s or plainly OM. FYI, OM is Uncle in Javanese.- Rizainuddin

I would agreed with him. I've been there more than 10 years ago when the craze of Ramli Burger special started. The uncle would said, just wait until its ready!

His cooking style is sloopy like 10 years ago, just like old time!

You can really see the sloppiness. However, the taste was heavenly. Burger patty was cooked with egg and cheese, packed with vege. I would say his burger is one of the fattest in town. Yet, the tastiest.

This is one of the Ramli Burger stall you must visit if you loved the burger, Ramli Burger style...

In front of 7-11,
Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama,
Ampang Jaya

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, The Oldest Chinese Temple In Malaysia

Many might not heard about this temple, some might not know the existence of it. Even I've been there for so many times didn't know the rich history of this temple.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple or some might referred it to Quan Yin Temple is actually one of the oldest Chinese Temple in Malaysia.

Cheng Hoon Teng was founded in the 1600s by the Chinese Kapitan Tay Kie Ki alias Tay Hong Yong. The temple it self is around 400 years old! Even today it looked as if it is brand new. The reason being is the restoration. In fact, they did it so well until it was underscored by an UNESCO award for outstanding architectural restoration.


I was there at the temple on CNY's eve. A tradition that has been carried on for years. I had been missing for a few years so I intended to go back and have a look. It was very early in the morning around 7 am. The sky was still darkish blue, it was already crowded by worshipers.


The architeture and the design of the temple lasted for 400 years and yet it looked as if its new.



The small details on roof were still there. I wished I brought my DSLR!


Looked at the doors and the color of the temple. Fine piece of art work.


Amazing interior!


In front of the temple....


Front side view...

t2 copy

A 400 years of design that lasted until today.






I shalled not say no more as this is a place worth to visit.

25, Temple Street (near Jonker Street)
Tel: 06-282 9343

QGuides "Makan-Makan" Session

Last Thursday I was invited for a "makan-makan" session by Since it was held at Carlsberg in Shah Alam, there were lots of Carlsberg for the night.

There were a few bloggers were invited as well at that time. A few that I've met and there's a few that I would like to meet. Recognized friends like Jason and Daniel and later on got to know people like Ruth and Rachel. There were a few who remains unnamed.

We were introduced to the lovely people of as well as people from Carlsberg.

Since I was there, I brought out my DSLR and took a few shots.

Carlsberg Makan 1

Thank god, this shot turned out well. I thought I couldn't get the shot properly.

Carlsberg Makan Session 2

Anyone Carlsberg?

Carlsberg Makan Session 3

My very first time of Carlsberg GOLD. Richer in taste than the usual Carlsberg.

A short presentation by then revealed their masterplan. I would say its the first of its kind in Malaysia and of course more details will be revealed later on until their completion stage.

In brief:
  • Introduce the project, team & objectives to all attendees
  • Identify win-win opportunities for food bloggers, working together with
  • Develop meaningful working relationships with food bloggers
  • Gauge interest levels in the
  • Have fun!
I didn't stay long as I need to attend another function at Mark's Place in Kelana Jaya for salsa.


We had a group shot with all the food bloggers of the night. Glad to know the rest.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fried Chicken And Seafood @ Popeyes, Louisiana Kitchen


Popeyes is here! Not the spinach eating Popeye the sailor man! I'm talking about the Popeyes, Louisiana Kitchen.I passed by TTDI a few days ago and spotted this. Out of curiosity and the kiasu-ness like many other common Malaysians, I went in to try it out.

Basically they served fried stuffs such as fried chicken and seafood. Of course they had burgers, which they named it sandwich.

Andy ordered 3 pieces Tender Chicken with biscuit. Chicken strips were fried into lightly brownish colour. The taste well a bit of saltiness and a bit of dryness.

I ordered 2 Pcs Chicken Set with Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, Biscuit and a soft drink. I ordered one piece of Mild Fried Chicken mixed with 1 Hot Fried Chicken. Okay, seriously I couldn't differentiate the mild and the hot one. The fried chicken here was a bit dry. A distinctive taste of a bit of saltiness in the aroma of the chicken. Very least oil detected. It was crispy and hot. The mashed potatoes came with chilli gravy. A slight taste of hotness but it was good. Coleslaw was ordinary. The biscuit was very dry, the taste was in between of muffin and biscuit. There's a word for it, a food blogger told me a few days ago. I forgot the word.

Even though this place is a self service restaurant, there were lots of waiters. I had no idea why. The service was not too bad, they got a bit of mixed up, maybe the outlet is still too new. Price is comparable with other similar fast food outlets.

I would come back for the sandwich. The chickens were not really impressive BUT its a WORTH to try.

I had this in TTDI, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Same row with Secret Recipe.

New Packagings @ A&W Restaurants


A&W's first store in Asia Pacific opened at Kuala Lumpur's Batu Road (now known as Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman) in 1963. It was also the first fast food corporation from the United States to set foot in the country.-

Little did I know A&W had such deep history in Malaysia. All I knew is my parents loved to bring us to A&W for their never ending love for their A&W Root Beer. Sometimes, I would see a bottle or 2 of A&W Root Beers at my parent's home. Well, the love passed from one generation to another.

Lately, I revisited A&W again, even though its fast food outlet, it doesn't mean I need to be there all the time right? I realized a bit of change, the packaging. The root beer remained the same....

Checked out the new A&W burger wrapper. Looks very high-tech?

Eventually it will comes handy. Its like a burger wallet where you can hold the burger properly without spilling the contents of the burger. In this case... the Mozza Burger, one of my favourites fast food burger.

Their lovely curly fries...
And their new "sesame" nuggets.

There's 2 favourite outlets I frequently visits. One in Cheras Leisure Mall which has history backed to old Chujitsu in the 80s and the other one would be the one opposite Amcorp Mall in PJ.

One more thing I felt that we Malaysians should be proud of, A&W is no longer available in Singapore since 2003. :P