Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lam Mee @ Cosy Corner, Cheras

This Lam Mee place has been in Yulek, Cheras for a while. Well, at least 10-15 years... I remember my college friends brought me here around 1996.


The outlet is below one of the flats. Its quite packed during lunch hours.


On top of Lam Mee, we also ordered Yong Tau Fu. Yong Tau Fu is another stall beside the restaurant.


The lovely thing about Malaysia is you can have good food at great prices. For this case, the place is a bit old but the food is still okay. Per pax, under RM 10.


Andrew said...

ive been there before!! long long time ago... it was originated from the pudu one!! may king lam mee!! right?? hehehe... cheerios!

Wilson Ng said...

Seriously, I have no idea about that. But since you mentioned it, you could be right!