Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eccucino @ Prince Hotel

Let me introduce something that will do a little change for your Wednesday evening schedule.

A lovely "grill to perfection" buffet. FREE FLOW of house wine and draught beer. International appetizers, crisps salads, sushi and dessert bar and many more...

For all the amazing selections as above, the place would be Eccucino @ Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Last Wednesday, I was invited to Prince Hotel with a few selected food bloggers to try out their wide selection buffet.

It was a night to remember. Let me show you some of the pictures taken.


The salmon roll here is one of the many selections available.


The sushi rolls in the foreground and the salads at the background. Trust me, taking pictures of foods was not an enjoyable thing to do. Imagine you can see but you cannot eat . . . yet...


The prawns, look at the colour of it....


The fresh oysters.... the sushi bar at the background...


Executive Chef Donald Pezar was happily preparing a special dish for us...


The grill. Heaps of variety of meats and seafood for grill. Pick the food, they will grill it to perfection for you... Lovely stuffs...


Tiger prawns and meat grill...


The chocolate fondue awaits me....


The dessert bar. If you notice, the desserts were in small pieces. Its actually good so that you can try more variety of it.

It's a nice place to have dinner as its located at the Grand Lobby of the 5 stars hotel. The ambient and the service was 5-stars. The sashimi was fantasticly fresh. The grill was excellent. The dessert was lustfully sinful. The mushroom soup was good also. I wish I have a spare tummy to try out the other foods.

And also the FREE FLOW house wines, draught beer and soft drinks.

For the all of the above, its only 88++ per adult.

A RECOMMENDABLE place to go for Wednesday. An ideal place for chilling out as well as dining-in in comfort.

Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
Opposite Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
No.4 Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
TEL: +603-2170 8888
FAX: +603-2170 8999

For bookings at Eccucino, please contact 03-2170 8888 extension 8119/8120 or Email:restaurants@princehotelkl.com.my

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*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

Crispy Roast Duck @ Restoran BBQ Kong Meng, Cheras


There are many amazing food places in Cheras. Restoran BBQ Kong Meng is one of them. For this, they are famous with their roast duck.

Located in Taman Maju Jaya, Cheras, this place is quite isolated (Map below). Yet, it's always packed during lunch time. Its only for one reason. The Roast Duck.


I went there with my colleagues a few weeks ago as they never tried it before even its nearby my office. Upon reaching there, the place starting to be crowded. We managed to grab a table and made our orders.

There's quite a number of newspaper write up about this place as well as Astro's food review here.


We ordered roast pork (siew yuk) as side dish. It was good. A good starter before the main dish.
The other starter recommendable here is the cold dish sliced pork.


The star of the day would be the roast duck. From the picture, you can really tell the skin of the duck was "super" crispy. Trust me, it tasted much better when you eat it. The meat was tender and it was very tasty. Very fragrant. It was very addictive. Basically a few of us could finish half a duck or sometimes a whole duck! Just never to get enough of it.

How did they made the skin so crispy?

The trick is for every roast duck, they will pre-heat again before the serving. Thus, the skin will extra crispy. Thus, you can see the waiters walking front and back with tray of roast ducks.

The roast duck here possibly could be one of the best in town. The service was good and the place is air conditioned. The food charges was around RM 10 depending how much you order. The pricing here would be slightly higher. Well, for the quality of the food, it's reasonable.

Very recommendable place for roast duck. Please check the map properly or call them to locate them.

No 11, Lorong Bunga Melati 2A,
Taman Maju Jaya, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9282 4818, 03-92834231, 016-213 1818


*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Midly" Food Poisoning

It happened since yesterday and I'm sure I had the same food as the rest. However, I'm the only person who got the food poisoning.

"Midly food poisoning" the doctor told me earlier today.

No matter how, I'm still stuck with the crazy work schedule this week. Need to be in the office tomorrow 7 am.

Work is fun, but sucks when I'm sick.

Eccucino @ Prince Hotel Review Coming Soon

Deeply regret that the review is not posted yet. Reason being the pictures are not with me right now. Will post it in this few days.

I had one of the best tortilla in town there. Thus, they had fantastic fresh seafood and also amazing grill buffet. And also lots more...

Please drop by in a few more days for the lovely foods review of Eccucino at Prince Hotel.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Famous Portuguese Grill @ Petaling Street

There's a very famous Portuguese grill at Petaling Street. Located at the front alleys of Hong Leong Bank, they serve dinner only. To be more exact, its on the Jalan Hang Lekir.

Its not a shop, its a stall. Normally, they will give you a time frame for the food to be ready. It could be 30 min to an hour depending on the queue. The boss will ask, "Pay first, the food will be ready at that time."


Hong Kong celebrity food critic like Choy Lan visited this place before and that was like more than 10 years ago.

The uniqueness of this place is the charcoal grill, Portuguese style. The food will be wrapped with the aluminum foil and put it to grill. Together with their lovely chili sauce, they will grill it to perfection.


La la with chili sauce. When they opened the aluminum foil, you can really smell the fragrant and the aroma of the food. It was like opening "a durian". It smelt so good until a Singaporean couple sitting next to us ordered the same dish.

Wonder why is it so fragrant? I guess partially would be the banana leaf inside the aluminum foil. Grill together with chili sauce creates a mouth watering dish.

The la la was fresh and it was very good but it needs more extensive cleaning though. The chili sauce was thick, spicy and awesome.


The star of the evening would be the grill stingray (ikan pari pari). It was a mouth watering dish. The freshness of the fish together with their thick spicy chili sauce, it was irresistible. This was a must try dish.

Overall, the food there was very good. For the location, its on sideways / front alleys of the shops, no air conditioned, a bit hot at times. Go there early to book the grill first, come back later to grab a seat. I would not recommend to order la la as la la needs extensive cleaning. Go for their fresh fish and other seafoods. For the price, it varies from the sizes of the fish. Price was reasonable. It's a MUST GO place in Petaling Street.


Tel: 019 3159448 (Ah Dee)

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

I'm Engaged! The Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Well, its about time I guess.

Earlier this month, I was invited for a Hot Air Balloon Workshop in Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Of course, it was all smartly planned by me. I spoke to the lovely people of Skyevents of my intentions and they set up nicely for me.

So then when we flew up the air, we took a couple of pictures.

Then, I surprised her with the ring. The basket was small so it took me a while to kneel down and ask the "magic" word.

It all happened so fast.

She agreed and I'm officially engaged.

Thanks Josen for being the photographer last minute.

Proposing on the hot air balloon was one of my college assignments in my Sociology class back in college. It could be a dream proposal to many, anyhow I made it possible here.

Thanks for the best wishes from the friends who knew about our engagement. There's quite some work to be done from now till the big day.

So then, there goes my singlehood.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amazing Steamed Fish @ Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh, Old Klang Road


Old Klang Road has lots of good foods. Particularly in bak kut teh and steamed fish. The restaurants that stretched the long winding road could be in dozens. Finding the right place could be a bit tricky but with some advices and tips from friends, getting a nice place is never been easier.

I was told about this steamed fish place by my fellow friends. Its located at the road side under the fly over (traffic from Pearl Point to Mid Valley, restaurant is located on the left).

The place is called Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh.


The restaurant is visible from the main road, slow down before the fly over and turn left to finid a parking spot. For better guidance, call the number below.

aw6 copy

We wasted no time ordering a steamed vege with oyster sauce.


A lovely big chunk of otak-otak. Thick and rich. Otak-otak was good.

We ordered 3 different fishes with 3 different types of cooking.


Firstly, the sliced ginger steamed fish. The tricky part about having a good steamed fish is the freshness of the fish, the duration of the cooking and the sauce. I loved this dish. It was pretty amazing. Fish was not overcooked, meat was tender and the ginger with the sauce blends very well with the fish. Recommendable!


The second dish was steamed fish with asam style. Again, I loved this dish. The asam sauce for this was good. The fish was cooked in perfect condition. Loved it.


Lastly we had the steamed fish cooked with bean sauce. Least preferred than the first two. This was good as well. Fish was fresh, not overcooked, meat was tender just that personal preference. Sauce was cooked separately and not steamed with the fish together. It blends well together though.

The bill came to less than RM 100 which I felt its very reasonable as we ordered 3 fishes. Its located at the road side so no air conditioned. Service was okay and the food was good. We only ordered the fish dishes and we didn't try the bak kut teh there.

I will go back there again definitely for their steam fish dishes.

Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Kelang Lama
Tel: 013-2282288 / 016-2341319

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heineken: A Night In Rome In Ipoh


Last fortnight I was at Heineken: A Night In Rome in Ipoh. It was a "wet" affair. Read more HERE.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Glenmorangie Tasting Session with Newman

It's one of those days where I got 2 places to go at one time.

A food reviewing session with fellow food bloggers and Glenmorangie Tasting Session with Newman. I chose the latter.


It was at the Heritage Mansion, a lovely place near the Heritage Row, behind Maison. I parked opposite Maison and walked over there.

To avoid the traffic jam, I reached there early. I was actually the first and Shanice (from Newman) was like, "You want to come so early meh?"


The lovely people from Newman then toured me around the area where I was greeted by a bottle of Glenmorangie.

I knew it's going to be a great night as they asked me "please help yourself with the drink".

There were 20 lucky selected guests for the evening. I was one of them and we met each later on and started to mingle around.


We were then served with lovely foods before the whisky tasting session.


We were briefed by this gentleman by the name of Ben Ng. Ben was the walking dictionary or wikipedia of whisky.

He explained in details the varieties of whisky and the most important of all, the history of single malt Scotch whisky.

Glenmorangie is one of the GREAT single malt Scotch whisky and also a PIONEER in art or science of oak aging. Handcrafted since 1843, Glenmorangie offers a great sensory experience in their whisky.

I kid you not.


From left: The Original, The Lasanta, The Quinta Rubon, The Nectar D' Or

We were treated with 4 lovely whisky from Glenmorangie. They were The Original, The Lasanta, The Quinta Rubon and The Nectar D' Or.

We were taught to smell the aroma, to taste and to finish a whisky. It was one hell of experience!

The Original

The Original is a Ten Years Old whisky mainly matured in ex-Bourbon casks that's made from slow growth, air dried American Oak from the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The selection of casks were important to bring the lemony gold colour as well as the aroma of mandarin, lemon, apple, pear and peach fruits with hints of Vanilla.

Well, I couldn't pick up all the aromas but I did smell a few aromas. Noticeably, vanilla and peach.

The taste was smooth, hints of vanilla and peaches alike aroma.

To me, The Original was like The First Love.... Happy, young and joyful!

The Lasanta

The Lasanta in Gaelic means "Warmth and Passion". The Lasanta goes through extra maturation in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks after in ex-Bourbon casks. For such process, the aroma flavoured with honeycomb and caramel toffee.

The taste of this light russet coloured whisky differs than the original. Slightly sweeter with hints of toffee most notable to me.

Well, to me Lasanta was like The First Girlfriend... Sweet, passion and exciting!

The Quinta Ruban

The Quinta Ruban goes through extra maturation like Lasanta. In this case, in port pipes (Port Wine), shipped from the estates of Portugal. By the way, Ruban in Gaelic is Ruby.

The distintive colour of the whisky will be the rose gold. A sniff from this whisky, easily smell hints of dark chocolates as well as peeled mandarin oranges. The smell of the dark chocolates are more notable to me.

The taste was slightly stronger to me. To me, The Quinta Ruban was like The First Wife... Slightly Strong, "Experience" and Sensual

The Nectar D' Or

Lastly, we had The Nectar D' Or. "'Or" means gold in Gaelic and French, while "Nectar" is the drink of Gods. Such interpretions means this must be very good!

The Nectar D 'Or goes to extra maturation in specifically hand selected Sauternes wine barriques.

The aroma is more unique. Notable hints of coconut, dates and lemon to me.

The taste well, was lemonly warmth. A pulsating warmth experience.

To me, The Nectar D 'Or was like The First Affair.... Strong, Daring, Wild and Explosive...

After a journey of 4 great Scotch whiskies, I asked Ben what if I mixed four of them together. Ben recommend me not to do so even though he tried it before. He said as good as he is, he can only sense the aromas after a few sips.

So then I asked myself in assumption, what if I mixed "the first love", "the first girlfriend", "the first wife" and "the first affair" together?

The answer is simple....


Of course that was just a lame joke I thought of it at that time. (Please ignore the coldness of the joke)


There were lots of Glenmorangie later on the evening. Everyone had great time mingled around with Glenmorangie on their hands.


Glenmorangie Tasting Session with Newman was a great experience to me.

Many thanks to the lovely people of Newman and Glenmorangie for the invite.

* Tips for whisky lovers, enjoy a few sips first to taste the aroma and then drink the whole glass. However, this only works with Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky though.

Charcoal Claypot Chicken Rice @ Restoran Kopi Dan Makanan Foong Lian, Pudu

I was hunting for the infamous Lam Mee, but it was closed. This happened few weeks ago when we (me and my trainees) were craving for Lam mee.

Instead, we headed for claypot chicken rice opposite the road at Jalan Yew, Pudu.


I was told that they used charcoal for their claypots at Foong Lian. That's something that really interest me. Mostly use gas stove.


There were lots of different types of claypot foods. However, we ordered the claypot chicken rice only. We loved chickens.


The claypot chicken rice comes with chinese sausages and chicken and sprinkled with spring onions. The salted fish was extra. The claypot rice was cooked throughly with the sauce. Thus, I felt the rice was fragrant but lacked of saltiness. However, it blended well with the salted fish.

Again, I would stress here that saltiness is subjective with different individuals.

It cost us around RM 7-8 per pot. Service was good and the place was packed during lunch time.

55, Jalan Yew, Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Yong Tau Fu @ Ah Koong Restaurant, Pudu

Located beside Shaw Parade (The Store Pudu), this place served lovely fresh yong tau fu as well as noodles and porridges (congees).


We went to this place a while ago, a friend brought us to this place. Finding a parking near this area could be tricky during lunch time. Place was quite packed at that time.


One thing I noticed about this place is the freshness of the food. The seafood especially the fish were very fresh.


The mixed fried foods. It was good. Hot and crispy!



Fish cake there was good. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Recommendable.


Lastly, I ordered a Teo Chew style porridge (congee) with fish. It was pretty good.

The place was okay, corner shop lot (air conditioned). Service was good and price was reasonable, around RM 10 per pax depending what you ordered. In general, the food was fairly good. For fresh yong tau fu lovers, this could be a place for you.

172, Jalan Changkat Tambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 KL
Tel: 03-2143 3477

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pangkor Island Beach Resort Review (Aug '07)

Found this in one of my old hard drives. It was my maiden trip to Pangkor Island.

The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut was around 3 1/2 hours. We parked at the multi level car parks beside the jetty.

One thing good about Pangkor Island Beach Resort was they have their own ferry. The receptionist checked our booking and we were on our way to "paradise".


The resort and its private beach...


Sunset by the beach...


Lots of hornbills and lots of monkeys as well...


Pictures taken from the swimming pool...

In general, we loved the privacy of this resort. Services were good and rooms were okay. Foods were decent but slightly pricey. We loved the private beach and also the activities available.

Few things we dislike. The resort is isolated so going to other places could be troublesome. There's lots of monkeys, they were not good "neighbours".

Monday, April 13, 2009

Famous Chicken Kuey Teow and Beansprout @ Restaurant Lou Wong Ayam Kuetiau, Ipoh

For very unusual reason, I seldom come to Ipoh. Not more than 10 times in my life. It's just 2 hours drive from KL (Kuala Lumpur). Since I was in Ipoh last Saturday, I took my time to scout for the infamous chicken kuey teow and beansprout in Ipoh.

According to my working mates, this place is very popular. Mainly because of its presence since 1957! It has been operating for more than 50 years! That's a long time for a restaurant.

Located a few turns from the Ipoh police station, asking around for Lou Wong would not be hard task.

We were there around 2pm and the crowd was still around. The place was packed. Looking around the place got me spotted a huge signs says " The most famous in town".

We ordered some fish and pork meat balls for starters.

Then, came the infamous beansprouts. Sources told me that, this beansprouts are grown using "hilltop fresh water". Indeed, its not like the ordinary beansprouts I had before, it was fresh and tasty. The crunchiness of each bite was there. Lovely!

The chicken was next. Well, to me its decent. Blends well with the soy sauce and chili.

Kuey Teow was good as well. Probably because of the soup.

The service was excellent and we paid for less than RM 10 per pax. That's very reasonable to me. The beansprouts were excellent, the rest was good.

I don't mind coming back again.

49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh
Tel: +605-254 4199