Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Japanese Food @ Kajitsu Nihon Ryori, Taman Desa

I love Japanese foods, love so many of them. I remember I had a good Japanese dinner at Taman Desa few years ago. I couldn't recall the name. Few weeks ago, I revisited this hidden Japanese restaurant for lunch. The place is called Kajitsu Nihon Ryori.


Many might not know that Taman Desa has quite a huge population of Japanese. There's a few Japanese preferred condominiums. There's a few Japanese restaraunts in this area. Kajitsu Nihon Ryori is one of them. Since I mentioned this place is quite hidden, I enclosed the address and the map below.


I ordered the Unagi Temaki (RM 5.00). It was decent.


I had the Sashimi Saba Set for RM 25.00. It was good. Saba fish was grilled to tendernessly delicious and the sashimi was fresh. Recommended.


The Karubi Set (RM 28.00) was next. Beef was tender and goes very well with the gravy.



Address & Map:

Shopping @ Kuta Beach Morning Market (March '09)

One great thing about staying in Kuta was the lovely Kuta beach. The other thing would be the Kuta Beach's morning market. I am not sure whether the morning market runs daily or just from Friday to Sunday. I was there on Friday for sure.


The market is located at the Kuta Beach stretch. Visible from far.


Lots of things were available. From flip flops to earrings, from one piece beach dresses to T-shirts and jeans. It was just another typical Bali market but this one is on the beach.


Yeah, they had local delicacies too! Rachel didn't allow me of having those...


Stalls items can be discounted. It depends on how good is your negotiating skills. A worthwhile place to shop when you are in Kuta Beach. Why not?

*Please note that some stall owners and sellers were pretty aggressive.

The Amazing Kuta Beach (March 09)

From my Bali trip in March. I stayed near Kuta Beach during the last 2 days of my trip. Loved the beach and the scenery. We would walked to the beach whenever we had free time.

Check out the pictures I took below!


Sunset at Kuta Beach...


Sunset at Kuta Beach...


The breathtaking view of Kuta Beach...


Surfers @ work (surfing) at Kuta Beach...


The Kuta's morning market on the right facing the Kuta beach...


The beauties of the "beach"....


Me and Rachel camwhoring...

Beach was very clean and the view was breathtaking. Hotels and resorts stretched along this lovely beach.

Just hopped on to any taxis and ask for Kuta Beach.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Taiwanese Food @ Fong Lye, The Gardens

This was my second visit to this place. Fong Lye is located a level below GSC Signature Cinema @ The Gardens. The place is usually packed during dinner hours. Its quite popular with its Taiwanese cuisine. Many good feedback and reviews about this place.

ME, Rachel, Steph and Khai were there for dinner. We were lucky as we got a table for dinner.


We ordered the Taiwanese glutinous rice sausage. Many might mistaken this as 2 sausages. The bottom part is the glutinous rice. The taiwanese sausage was good, the glutinous rice is slightly dry. This is priced at RM 9.30.

tw chic chop noodle

Next, was the Taiwanese chicken chop noodle (RM 17.80). Chicken chop was very good, crispy and tender. The soup noodle was good as well.

pork inte

Pork intestines set was next (RM 17.80). Personally I'm not a big fan of intestines and such. However, this does taste good with the strong flavoured sauce.

diced chick

I'm not sure why they named this variety supreme diced chicken (RM 19.80), its more to a claypot chicken to me. Chicken was tender and the sauce was thick and rich in flavour.

slice beef

Sliced beef set (RM 19.80) was the last dish of the night. Beef were lightly stir fried and comes with the rice and soup. This was decent.

In general, the food was good and the service was good as well. As I mentioned before, place is usually packed during dinner hours. However, the price was a bit pricey though. The bill came to around RM 130 for 4 pax and we only had a meal each.

The bill:


Lot T208, 3rd Floor The Gardens,
Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2282 8699

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Popular Mixed Rice @ Restoran Makanan Sun Gee, Taman Muda, Cheras

There's a stretch in Taman Muda is popular known as "wai sek kai" (food street). It started with a few stalls illegally decade ago and the previous local council decided to legalise this stalls.

There's a lot of mixed rice restaurants in this stretch. At least 3-5 restaurants. Judging by the crowd, me, Andy, Ming and Yang decided to try the mix rice at Restoran Sun Gee for lunch.


Check out the crowd!


Look at the varieties of foods. Definitely more 50 dishes.


I wouldn't say the mixed rice was superbly amazing but they were definitely good. Soup and Chinese tea was free. Mine cost around RM 5.00 ++. I would consider reasonable price. I loved the different varieties of dishes available, so many to choose. Parking could be a bit of hassle during lunch time and dinner time.

Same row with Taman Muda 7-Eleven

Friday, June 26, 2009

ROM (Registration of Marriage) @ JPN, Putrajaya

Been busy for the past few weeks only for a reason, my ROM (Registration of Marriage) on Monday. We've been busy custom making our wedding rings, getting things ready for Rachel to move in and also to make sure everything in order for ROM.

Thanks to my new business partner Dev, I got my fantastic wedding pictures shot in Putrajaya.


This picture is taken at JPN @ Putrajaya. Our efforts to register at Putrajaya paid off with many fantastic pictures.


It was a very nervous day for me. I want to make sure everything went smoothly. Well, I guess it happened to everyone.

We would like to thank to our friends that came for our ROM. We really appreciate their sincerity and their efforts. Some of them took leave just to come over for our ROM.

We would also like to thank the messages from SMS, MSN and Facebook. Sorry for leaving some of our friends out. There were already more than 20 guests in our ROM. We will make sure everyone to be invited to our wedding dinner. That will be a coming soon story.
There will be more pictures coming soon. Thanks for reading. Finally I'm married!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wall's "Kena Durian Runtuh" 2009 Contest

WALL'S "Kena Durian Runtuh 2009" Contest
From Friday, 1st May 2009 - Wednesday, 15th Jul 2009

Take part in the WALL'S "Kena Durian Runtuh 2009" Contest and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize x 10 winners: RM100,000 to be spent in a day.

Guaranteed prizes in every scratch card:
- Pensonic Hair Dryer x 2000
- Adidas Water Bottle x 390
- Adidas Bag x 80
- Pensonic Bread Toaster x 30
- Mystery Prizes

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit Walls Malaysia for more details.


This are the 3 lucky winners of the WALL'S "Kena Durian Runtuh 2009" Contest.


*Terms and conditions apply. Visit Walls Malaysia for more details.

Japanese Food @ Zaro Izakaya

There was a few nice banners of Zaro Izakaya when me and Rachel were looking for dinner in Sunway Pyramid. Together we went there and waited for another friend, Joleen to join for the dinner.

The restaurant is facing the main road in front of Sunway Pyramid.


The restaurant itself was quite a beauty. A Japanese bar concept differs than the conventional Japanese restaurants. The restaurant also plays club music. The place was quite empty when we were there, probably due to the location of the restaurant.


Zha Ji Cho (RM 16)... Temaki deep fried and sliced to pieces....


Unagi Maki at RM 18. Decent, but presentation slightly off.


The sashimi set at RM 28. The thing about this place was they were not flexible. I wanted a salmon sashimi but they never had one in the menu so we were forced to order a sashimi set. One more thing here was the salmon was smoked! Salmon was not fresh!

beef bacon

Beef bacon at RM 6.00, ordinary.


Lamb rack kushiyaki at RM 5. Decent but yet again nothing special.

In general, food was average. Salmon sashimi turned to smoked salmon. It took them a while to serve the foods despite there was not much people in the restaurant. Pricing was slightly on the high side. The music was loud and it was quite hard to have a conversation there.

Restaurant Zaru Izakaya
Oasis Boulevard North OB G01 & 02
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-5632 0559

Multiple Contributors for PlacesAndFoods.com

I woke up today and I realized that my Google Page Rank slipped to 2! Not sure what's the reason but I guess lacked of updates.

There's some good news though. There will be multiple contributor to this blog soon. Mainly from my family members. Lots of traveling pictures ahead. Please make sure you link or bookmark here as lots of interesting places are coming soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ayam Penyet @ Waroeng Penyet, The Curve

I heard quite a bit about this ayam penyet. In fact there's a time when I wanted to try it, they were closed. As time passed by, many good reviews were heard about them.

Few weeks, me and Jason decided to pay this Indonesian restaurant a visit.

Its located at the first floor near the bridge towards Ikano Power Center (Map below).


I ordered the infamous ayam penyet for RM 7.90. The flattened fried chicken was quite tiny though. The chicken was crispy but dry. It came with sambal and something similar to fried beancurd. It goes well with the sambal, but I still find it a bit too dry.

ayam panggang

Jason ordered the ayam panggang (grilled chicken) for RM 7.90 also. Again chicken slightly small in size. The chicken is juicer than ayam penyet, thanks to the sweet black sauce. A little bit of lime juice will add more flavour to the grilled chicken. Better than ayam penyet.

In general, I find the portion is slightly small. Some might need to order side dishes to keep the tummy full. I would prefer the ayam panggang than the infamous ayam penyet. Yet, the price is slightly high for a piece of chicken.





Monday, June 22, 2009

Dry Curry Pan Mee @ Restoran Hing Ang, Brickfields

This pan mee stall has been a while in Brickfields. It used to be in the restaurant opposite YMCA Brickfields, but since there was a renovation there (new owner probably), the stalls were moved to other places.

I managed to relocate this stall and why not I just blog about it.

This place is easily accessible through monorail. Its located at the 19 & 21, Jalan Thambapillai. Same row with the monorail station. Few steps away from the station.


This where its located now...


The stall...


The lovely pan mee (RM 4.00). The bowl of pan mee came with a generous amount of fried enchovies and minced pork meat. It was decent.


Rachel ordered the dry curry pan mee (RM 4.50). The difference with the usual pan mee is the additional dry curry with chicken and tau fu pok. This was good.

The location of this restaurant would be slightly "unsafe". Its a red light district area, so coming here would need to be a bit extra careful.

* This few days I had been very busy. Running around for some personal issues that I will blog about it soon. Bear with me, more lovely food posts will be coming soon.

19 & 21, Jalan Thambapillai, Brickfields,
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Wilayah Persekutuan

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Famous Rojak @ SS 15 Rojak Stall, Subang

*Pork Free*

For some unknown reasons, I couldn't find the remaining pictures of this place. Personally, I've been to this place a few times. Formerly, the stall was located at the main road opposite the Shell petrol station if not mistaken. Now its located also at the main road in front of SS 15 KFC.

The stall often has long queue and normally patrons ate at roadsides.


Preparing the food...


As good as it gets...

The rojak here was good, sadly I couldn't find the pictures I took to post here. The price was around RM 3 and above (depends what you want to add). Its for take away or you could sit at the roadside, Malaysian roadside eating style. Recommendable but often there's a long queue.

In front of KFC SS 15, beside Subang Square, at the main road facing the housing area.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Amazing Guinness Pork Ribs @ Restoran 52, Semenyih

Semenyih is not just Notthingham University or Broga Hill. There's more to that. Apparently the foods there were good as well. I was in Semenyih for a video shoot few weeks ago with my client and my crews.

I was recommended to Restoran 52 for its Guinness pork ribs by Ken Chan. Together with my client and crews, we went to search for this famous restaurant. Located just somewhere around a traffic light junction near the mosque (see map below), the restaurant itself its a single storey house converted restaurant. The place has its own parking compound. When we reached there, they told us they were closing. It was around 2 pm. I went in and had a short chat with the manager. She took our orders as the last order. It was very nice of her.


The sizzling beancurd came first. The beancurd came with minced meat, slight hints of salted fish and topped with spring onions on the hot plate. The beancurd was smooth and it blends well with the sauce. This was good and recommendable.


The special steamed fish was next. This dish was snapped up in minutes. This was recommended by the manager.


Lettuce with fermented beancurd was next. Lately, I have been ordering this dish quite often. The lettuce here was fresh and the taste here was light with a little bit of hints of chili. It was good.


The star of the day, the Guinness pork ribs. Pork ribs was stir fried with thick special Guinness sauce. The taste was a mixture of sweetness of sauce and the tenderness of the meat of the pork ribs. It was amazing. One of the best Guinness pork ribs I had in my life. Very recommendable!

In general, the food was very good. It was a good find. The bill came to RM 65.80, and it was very reasonable! The place was air conditioned and the service was good. Somewhere to consider when you in Semenyih?

Address and Map:

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