Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Japanese Food Dinner @ Tosaya, Wisma Cosway

Looking for a good Japanese restaurant with reasonable pricing in KL is quite tricky. However, we found one lately thanks my food crawl and my majong buddy, Joyce. She has been promoting Tosaya for quite some time and we figured its one of those day that we need to try it out. Probably one of the unexpected places for a good Japanese restaurant, Wisma Cosway (behind Wisma Genting).


The entrance of the restaurant...


The yaki gyoza on hot plate. Personally I would prefer the pan fried gyoza than this.

saba fish

One of my personal favourites, the saba fish...

mixed yaki

The lovely mixed yaki (mixed grills)....

sashimi set

The sashimi set... It came with 4 different types of fish, miso soup, salad, tofu, fruits and rice. Fish were very fresh, recommended!


The sukiyaki set or actually the beef sukiyaki set. Soup was nice! Rachel loved it.


Lastly, the waitress recommended the chicken butt (I couldn't remember the exact Japanese word for it). We were very skeptical about it at first but we just ordered it to try it. It was very good. It was delicious and not oily or fattening as I thought. Recommendable, the chicken butt!


The restaurant has a very nice Japanese decor. Place was well air conditioned and the service was very good. The waitress did gave us a few good recommendations.

The foods were good in general. It was one of the first time I like foods like chicken butt. The set were ranging from RM 20++ to RM 35++ which I felt was quite reasonable since its located at the golden triangle of KL. We don't really mind going back there again, we loved the foods and the place.


Tosaya Japanese Restaurant
Ground Floor, Lot G22-24, Wisma Cosway,
88 Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2144 3416

Cripsy Roast Chicken @ Restoran Sin Tai Tung, Penang

This going to be a short one. We stumbled upon this restaurant, Sin Tai Tung at the Macallister Road during our last visit to Penang. It was a brunch and we were on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. Since we had lots of heavy meals a day before, we decided to order something fast and simple.


The potato leaf came first. Stir fried lightly with garlic, the potato leaf taste rather average. The potato leaf was rather "old" and the taste was rather flat.


Next, the 1/2 bird roast chicken. The roast chicken came with crackers. the thin chicken skin was amazingly crispy and the meat was tender and juicy. This was recommended by them and I must say, it was pretty good.

Since we ordered only 2 dishes, here are my thoughts about the place.

The potato leaf was rather average while the roast chicken was good. Service was okay. The restaurant is the coffee shop style restaurant so it was NOT air conditioned. Pricing was rather reasonable.

Address & Receipt:

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Date with Frat Mustard @ Twenty One, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Recently, a person by the name of Frat Mustard contacted me. He is the current marketing manager of theQguides.com. Since he is still single and available, we decided to put him on a date with a group of hot female food bloggers. For that, me and Lisa put up a story to con him to go for a dinner at Twenty One at Changkat Bukit Bintang.


As we reached early at Twenty One, we awaits the arrival of Frat Mustard....


Frat Mustard, came with a big smile. With his usual dressed to kill outfit, he was surprised to see so many hot chicks on the table. So then, Frat did his usual stuffs, doing his man thing to impress the ladies.


Frat Mustard then went all out with girls and drank a lot of alcohol. The girls kept pushing him to drink until he was practically wasted.


Within minutes, Frat was knocked out. As this happened, the girls began their plot to murder Frat Mustard.... Don't asked where the hatred came from, but apparently this was a planned murder dinner for Frat. The mastermind is no other than his most trusted friend, Lisa. Frat was shocked, like the moment when Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker "I'm your father....". Frat in tears and can only asked Lisa, "Why????"


Frat then woke up and realized it was just a dream. Then, we started our dinner...


We ordered a 3 starters platter which includes duck breast meat, salmon salad and wrapped asparagus. Portion was slightly small though but it was good.


Babe in the city ordered the Risotto and I took quite a few bites of it and it was very good. Loved the cheese crackers, they were addictive!!

beef pie

The beef pie was next, I loved it.

The food in general was very good. The service was good and I loved the place. Its slightly pricey due to its location.

It was nice to meet Babe in the city and Captain Hook, A Whiff of Lemongrass, Fatboybakes, Masak masak and Frat Mustard. It was a lovely night, we enjoyed it.

20-1 changkat bukit bintang
50200 kuala lumpur malaysia
Tel: +603 2142 0021

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heavenly Chicken Rice House @ Damansara Utama (DU)

Its a lovely Sunday rainy morning. A great recipe for a long sleep. Yet, I had to wake early today at 7.30 am to put my clothes to the washing machine. Wife, Rachel had been complaining I have done too little in helping the house chores and spending too much time on my PC. So then, I woke early today, be a good husband and washed the clothes.

I didn't blog yesterday, I felt guilty and told Rachel did to do a quickie (short post). Ran through my folders and found this.

I had been to Damansara Utama for food for a while. However, a few weeks ago, a friend called me up to have a lunch there. Why not?

We were supposed to go for the famous Pudu's May King's branch at Damansara Utama, but it was closed that day. So we went to a chicken rice shop nearby, Heavenly Chicken Rice House.


The shop...


We ordered the beansprout. Beansprout here a bit "fatter" (thicker) and not as crunchy as I thought. This was decent.


The steamed chicken looked delicious when they served it. The chicken was topped with chopped fried garlic with oil, making it extra fragrant. The meat was tender and fresh. It went well with the chili sauce. This was decent.

In general, the food was decent. Price was reasonable (PJ price) and the service was okay. Place was well air conditioned.

95, Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama,
Tel: 03 7728 7286

Friday, July 24, 2009

Old Klang Road's Best Kept Secret @ Nihon Kai

Many might not know there's a very good Japanese restaurant located along Old Klang Road. It could be one of the Old Klang Road's best kept secret. Well, it's no other than Nihon Kai. My in-laws loved to dine there, food quality was good and their pricing were amazingly reasonable.

How to get there? From Mid Valley go towards Old Klang Road. Look out for a tyre shop with Michelin Tyre and turn left there (it should be before Shell Petrol Station). Its located at the end of the shop lot (picture as below).


This is Nihon Kai and its usually packed for dinner. The place was cozy and the best part was, they have tatami rooms.


I ordered a seafood special set at RM 25+. The set came with 3 grilled prawns, squid, salmon, miso soup, pickles, chawan mushi and rice. The seafood were freshly grilled and it was good.


The mix tempura set...

mix tempura

The mix tempura set at RM 21+. Its a combination of tempura ebi and vegetables and a few slices of salmon sashimi. The salmon sashimi was very fresh.

In general the food was very good and the price was very reasonable. I lost the sashimi pictures, if not I would have post it here.


nihon kai

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dried Meat Special @ Alison, Sri Petaling


Often we heard much about Ramli burger special. From OM burger to SS15 Burger, from apple burger to pineapple burger. Don't get me wrong, I loved Ramli burgers but recently, I bumped to something different, Dried Meat Special!

I came across this stall when I was at Kedai Makanan and Minuman Alison (food court) at Sri Petaling.


Apparently this food court is quite popular in Sri Petaling. Ho Chak came here before to review one of its stalls (if I'm not mistaken).


So then, I came across this stall and I saw something interesting....


Not this, obviously...


But this... Fried Egg... Well, it did reminds me a lot of Ramli burger so I ordered one.


It cost me RM 2.80 with Chicken Floss and Fried Egg. Slightly butter toasted bread packed with dried meat, chicken floss, fried egg, slices of cucumber with either tomato or chili sauce. It was quite good. My wife, Rachel liked this also but she felt its decent only.

Kedai Makanan and Minuman Alison
Sri Petaling

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch @ Empayar Seremban Siew Pau, Seremban

It was no coincidence that we went to Empayar Seremban Siew Pau for lunch. Like many motorists that traveled down south to Johor from KL, this big banner easily spotted from the highway.


The restaurant...

We decided to have lunch there when we were on our way back from Port Dickson after an outing with special privileges people (Story about it HERE). The place was easy to find, with many visible road signs directing us to there. It was around 15 min drive from the highway to the restaurant.

snow beer

I was so happy when they told us that they have the snow flakes beer. However, it failed miserably. I went to a perfect snow flakes beer in Cheras, click HERE to see. NOT RECOMMENDED!

yee mee

We ordered a "Mun" Yee Mee. Well, this was much better than the snow flakes beer. Portion was just nice and the noodle were quite decent.


Lettuce with fermented beancurd here was slightly sloppy. Taste wise was average.


Special cooked taufu/beancurd was next. The skin was crispy and it blended well with the sauce. The beancurd itself was smooth. This was decent.

mee hoon

Lastly, we ordered the XO Steamed Fish with Mee Hoon. This dish was soup based. The soup was not bad and they generously topped the mee hoon with lots of ginger. This was decent.

Overall, the food was decent. Service was okay and the price was reasonable. Total bill came to RM 52.30.

Address & Map:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Japanese Dinner @ Nippon Yataimura, One Utama

Like many married couples or dating couples, finding a place for dinner has never been easier. When it comes to food, my wife would say "...anything, you decide". But when I suggested for a few places she would say "...how come you don't know what I love to eat?" So then, up to today probably no scientist would understand why the ladies like to ask what to eat when they already know what they wanted to eat.

Anyways, lately we realized something we had in common. Japanese foods. As we were looking for one, we bumped to a Japanese restaurant that we haven't been there for ages, Nippon Yataimura.


I loved the interior. I showed this exact picture to a Japanese friend and she wouldn't believe this is in Malaysia. It has a very authentic Japanese feelings.

salmon skin

The fried salmon skin came first (RM 5.00). Salmon skin was crispy and soaked with the lemon juice blended very well with Japanese mayo. Fattening but yummy!


Spider roll was next (RM 18). Presentation of the food was slightly off but the sushi was okay. Fried soft shell crab and cucumber was rolled with Japanese rice and topped with fish roe and Japanese mayo. This was decent.

chic nanban

Chicken Nanban at RM 12. Chicken coated with egg was deep fried and creamed with mixture of Japanese Mayo. This was decent.

hotate scallop

Hotate aburi yaki was priced at RM 12. Raw scallop was lightly grilled. The scallop was very fresh and tender. The taste was very natural, very much dependent on the freshness of the scallop.

salmon head

The waitress there were recommending the spicy salmon head to us. They told us it was very good. They even discounted it to RM 12 for us to try. Well, the salmon head was decent. Coated with the spicy sauce, the salmon head never lacked of flavour.


We forgotten we ordered the baked potatoes (RM 5). Even though its nicely baked and topped with butter, we didn't manage to finish this. We were too full.

In general, the food was decent. Service was good and the pricing was okay for shopping mall. I loved the interior.

Lot LG-352, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama
Tel: 03-7727 8389



Monday, July 20, 2009

Salted Chicken @ Yulek Night Market, Cheras

Some might called it salt wrapped chicken, but I prefer calling it salted chicken. I couldn't recall when was the last time I had a salted chicken. Probably it has been years.

A few Thursdays ago, me and wife, Rachel went to Yulek's night market (pasar malam) for dinner. For a very rare occasion, we ended having a very bad "char kuey teow" and "fried lobak" at one of the lorry stall. Why rare? The stall was packed and the food was horrible! Wasn't it rare?

Since both of us didn't finish our foods, I suggested why not take away the salted chicken.


This is the stall we went and this stall has been around for more than 15 years....


The price list....


The salted chicken in the pile of salts in the wok.

We bought a chicken thigh for RM 6.

Happily, we went back home for salted chicken supper!


The wrapped salted chicken....Nicely wrapped to prevent spills of salts.


The salted chicken unwrapped! After minutes of perfect fork and knife techniques, we got the chicken unwrapped!

Chicken was tender and juicy. The taste of the chicken was a little salty and never lacked of taste. It was good. We loved it. We regretted for not getting two.

The stall also opened on Sunday night at Taman Muda night market, Cheras.

Yulek Night Market / Pasar Malam, Cheras (Thursday)
Taman Mude Night Market / Pasar Malam, Cheras (Sunday)