Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gohtong Jaya's Famous Frog Mee Hoon & Crispy Pork Belly @ Restoran Hou Wan

This was not a planned visit to Gohtong Jaya. This was weeks ago when Rachel was at Genting Highlands for an event, together I went up with my youngest brother and we lost a couple of hundred ringgit (casino) there. Then, we went to Gohtong Jaya for a quick lunch before heading back home.


There were a row of restaurants and we chose Restoran Hou Wan in random, seriously. There, we were recommended the frog mee hon and the crispy pork belly. We ordered an extra hokkien mee.


The crispy pork belly came first (RM 12). Thin sliced pork belly was deep fried and stir fried with sweet dark sauce. The first bite was flavoury crunchy. It was good! Well, we loved it. Its pure crunchiness, like having a snack and it goes very well with the thick sauce. I wished I had a beer and a football game in front of me. I wished...


Hokkien mee was next at RM 11. Sadly, this was average. Noodle was rather "a bit too sloppy" and the taste was rather flat. Not recommendable!


Lastly, we had the frog mee hoon at RM 36. Slightly pricey maybe due to the frog meat. Personally, I'm not so much of a frog meat lover. I only had them once in a blue moon. The reason I tried this because I was told this was good. And the lady boss didn't lie. It was pretty good. The frog meat was fresh, very tender. The mee hoon was lovely with the blend of the soup (with Chinese wine I suspect) and garlic.

Overall, the food was very good except the Hokkien mee. Pricing was subjective, slightly high to me.



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