Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Durian Feast @ Karak

Last Sunday, I was invited to a durian feast by the owners of Sri Karak Restaurant. Me and my wife, Rachel traveled to Karak, Pahang to visit their durian farm. The sources of their durian products were all directly from their durian farm. It was our first time to visit such durian farm. We were excited and happy for the invitation. Thank you Jen for the invitation, really appreciate it.


Except for marathons, we seldom wake up early on Sunday. Approx. an hour driving from KL, we reached Karak.


Then, we were brought into their private durian farm.

durian feast

We were shown a 1/2 truck load of durians available for the durian feast. We were joined by a group of 50++ people for the feast. Many good grades durians were there. It includes "Red Prawn", "Mau San Wong", D24, X.O and others.


It was one of the premium durian available that day. If not mistaken, its either "Red Prawn" or XO.

gollden pillow

We stumbled upon the biggest durian I've seen in my life. Its called the "Golden Pillow". This was weighed around 7 kg, with street value around RM 70.

durian cut

Like the rest, we never had "golden pillow" before so they were happily open one of them for us.


It was huge. Checked out the size of it on my hand. That was only a seed worth size. The taste was surprisingly sweet, waterish and its very filling. I was told it wasn't fully ripe yet. If not, it will taste much better.

After a 2 hours of durian feast, we called it a day. Yet, before we leave we saw someting interesting in the farm...


A kitten eatting a durian. We were worried the kitten will get sore throat...


Sugar Bean said...

Oh my gosh, the Golden Pillow is so large! Bet they're delicious! I haven't visited any durian farms before too. Must visit at least once, wait til I'm back in Msia!

CWKen said...

golden pillow... can sleep on it? lol

DC said...

Oh, the kitty is so cute!

Huai Bin said...

Wah lau! That is one GIGANTIC durian. I'll love to get my hands on it and eat it. BTW, I didn't see you at Guinness. Must have had a pint too many. Sorry about that Wilson!

BLue said...

OMG the durian is almost as big as the poor kitty

Chili Crab said...

I love durian!!! Can i have some??? Wtf.

David Jr said...

Wah Wilson, you really the food king la! Durians look damn good, time I did one round to find Mau San Wong...

Did you see my blog about the Smallest and Largest Durian in Malaysia?


Big Boys Oven said...

this is awesome, time to indulge into lovely durins! :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the kitty burp and fart like us too after durian..=)