Friday, June 26, 2009

ROM (Registration of Marriage) @ JPN, Putrajaya

Been busy for the past few weeks only for a reason, my ROM (Registration of Marriage) on Monday. We've been busy custom making our wedding rings, getting things ready for Rachel to move in and also to make sure everything in order for ROM.

Thanks to my new business partner Dev, I got my fantastic wedding pictures shot in Putrajaya.


This picture is taken at JPN @ Putrajaya. Our efforts to register at Putrajaya paid off with many fantastic pictures.


It was a very nervous day for me. I want to make sure everything went smoothly. Well, I guess it happened to everyone.

We would like to thank to our friends that came for our ROM. We really appreciate their sincerity and their efforts. Some of them took leave just to come over for our ROM.

We would also like to thank the messages from SMS, MSN and Facebook. Sorry for leaving some of our friends out. There were already more than 20 guests in our ROM. We will make sure everyone to be invited to our wedding dinner. That will be a coming soon story.
There will be more pictures coming soon. Thanks for reading. Finally I'm married!


babe_kl said...

congratulations to both of you!!!

tRiEi cRiSiS said...

oo~~ nice~~~~ like the second shot...

Wilson Ng said...

Thanks babe_kl....

Thanks wai ching