Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hong Kong Roast Duck @ Restoran Wei Kee, Pudu

I did a personal reccee (scouting) lately in Pudu and I found 3 interesting Roast Duck places. However, I only been to one place. I promised my fiancee Rachel not to eat so much of duck meat so my exploration for the other 2 places will be delayed until further notice.

wei kee

So then I try this Restoran Wei Kee first. It was lunch time and I saw a few tables having roast goose. There were only 2 of us, me and my uncle. I wanted to order the roast goose, its gonna cost us around RM 40++ for 1/4 bird (pricey!) so we chose the duck.


The roast duck was good! Even though the skin was not so crispy, the flavour and the meat was so gooood.... I'm hungry blogging this now (sigh). Its one of the better roast duck I had in times. Recommendable!


The 1/4 duck was only RM 15. Reasonable to me. Well, service was okay, place was not air-conditioned and the price considered reasonable. Duck was lovely.

Now, I have to try the other 2 places in a while...

Address & Map:
50, Lorong Yap Hin,
Off Jalan Pasar Pudu
Tel: 03-92218482



Raymond said...

quite cheap for a peking duck.

-p.c- said...

Gosh. you're making me hungry too!!! Roast duck~

nemesisjazz said...

wow...makes me want to eat the roast duck now

J2Kfm said...

think wei kee's a famous name there.
but truth be told, goose or duck, they taste more or less the same to me. =P

Wilson Ng said...

Raymond: Price reasonable, if said cheap, next time they will raise their price....

PC: Me 2... somemore im on diet....

nemesis: We will la, don't worry

j2kfm: Haven't really eat that much of goose, but most ppl said its similar...

Thanks for commenting :)