Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Japanese Food @ Kajitsu Nihon Ryori, Taman Desa

I love Japanese foods, love so many of them. I remember I had a good Japanese dinner at Taman Desa few years ago. I couldn't recall the name. Few weeks ago, I revisited this hidden Japanese restaurant for lunch. The place is called Kajitsu Nihon Ryori.


Many might not know that Taman Desa has quite a huge population of Japanese. There's a few Japanese preferred condominiums. There's a few Japanese restaraunts in this area. Kajitsu Nihon Ryori is one of them. Since I mentioned this place is quite hidden, I enclosed the address and the map below.


I ordered the Unagi Temaki (RM 5.00). It was decent.


I had the Sashimi Saba Set for RM 25.00. It was good. Saba fish was grilled to tendernessly delicious and the sashimi was fresh. Recommended.


The Karubi Set (RM 28.00) was next. Beef was tender and goes very well with the gravy.



Address & Map:


Sugar Bean said...

Live near this area but have no idea where this restaurant is and didn't even know it exists in Taman Desa. Would keep in mind and visit it when I'm back! :)

jason said...

I'm sure I will be lost even if I'm armed with map.

Johnny Ong said...

one bad thing is that they still charge the government tax of 5%. i don't think they are eligible to do so

tRiEi cRiSiS said...

looks good :)

Wilson Ng said...

sugar bean: Its the same row with the pulau ketam steamboat...

jason: I wish I have a GPS

johnny: haha... no comments on that

wai ching: food there not bad