Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Packed @ Restoran Foh San, Ipoh

Restoran Foh San is a very popular dim sum restaurant in Ipoh. Trust me the initial plan was to go there at 6.30 am. However, me and Rachel overslept and Steph called me at 6 am and we were like shit! We were still sleeping! It never intentional to be late, trust me on that!

We reached Ipoh around 9 am and we started to look for the restaurant without any maps or address. By 9.30 am we reached the restaurant by asking around and a friendly motorist who guided us there.

When we reached there we got a rude shock!


It was packed! Sandwiched until outside!


Basically there's someone standing at every table waiting for their turn. Estimated time to get a seat, say at least 1 1/2 hour?

We gave up! No Foh San dim sum this time around. But one thing for sure, I'll be BACK!

Maybe better luck next time....


Big Boys Oven said...

the best part of this ritual, is the waiting and huge crowd! :) while the food is awesomely good! worth to wait? test you patient!

Wilson Ng said...

BBO: We were rushing to Penang, so we didn't have the time to wait. But I will be back!

Kew said...

We manage to get a table, but the food was cold.