Sunday, June 21, 2009

Famous Rojak @ SS 15 Rojak Stall, Subang

*Pork Free*

For some unknown reasons, I couldn't find the remaining pictures of this place. Personally, I've been to this place a few times. Formerly, the stall was located at the main road opposite the Shell petrol station if not mistaken. Now its located also at the main road in front of SS 15 KFC.

The stall often has long queue and normally patrons ate at roadsides.


Preparing the food...


As good as it gets...

The rojak here was good, sadly I couldn't find the pictures I took to post here. The price was around RM 3 and above (depends what you want to add). Its for take away or you could sit at the roadside, Malaysian roadside eating style. Recommendable but often there's a long queue.

In front of KFC SS 15, beside Subang Square, at the main road facing the housing area.

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Sugar Bean said...

Hi, thanks for linking Sugar Bean. We've linked you back! :) Hmm... Beside Subang Square, is it the one around Shell Station? Saw long queue in this stall always! Haven't try it out before. It should be really good.

Wilson Ng said...

Sugar bean: its good... but roadside experience... priceless!