Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steamboat Buffet @ Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant, Sunway Mentari

*Pork-Free Food*

Thank you Wenny of Tasty Pot and Tim from for inviting me for the Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Restaurant food review session.

I've personally came here with Rachel for a birthday celebration dated a few weeks back.

The place itself was gigantic. Its the first time in my life to see a steamboat restaurant with 4 dedicated levels / floors for steamboat buffet. I kid you not. 4 floors of steamboat!!


The massive building of steamboat!! Whoaaa....

If you wondering where's the place is, its located at Sunway Mentari and I attached a map below. Lots of parking spaces.

Well, let me show some of the buffet foods available...


Check out the variety of foods! I would call this personally, the "balls" counter. From fish to chicken balls, many variety of balls except pork balls. Tasty Pot is a Pork Free restaurant.


Can you see seafood?


All fresh fresh...


Green green vege vege...


Very fresh seafood.... big prawns, "sotong", crabs and many more...


Rachel took this, definitely not me...


Check out the size of that crab!


Tasty Pot offered a unique combination of soups. Soya Bean soup, Curry Soya Bean soup, HK Satin Porridge / Congee soup, Chong Qing (Ma Lat) Spicy soup, Thai Tom Yam soup and Chinese Herbal soup. Top left was the Soya Bean soup and top right was the Chinese Herbal soup.


Left was the Thai Tom Yam soup while the right was the Chong Qing (Ma Lat) Spicy soup. Chong Qing (Ma Lat) Spicy soup is for the hardcore spicy soup lovers.

Every soup has their own distinct flavour, I always prefer the Chinese Herbal soup. Rachel loved the spicy soup. The Soya Bean soup tasted slightly "too new" for my taste bud but some might loved it as well.

For your information, they have grill section that offered grill seafood and grill lamb as well.

It was a wonderful eating experience and it was great to meet new friends like Renee and Wai Ching.


Group picture with lady boss, Wenny.


Group picture with bloggers, Simon, Renee, Wai Ching, Rebecca and Tim.

Price per pax is RM 23.80. To me the pricing is not too bad.

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iamthewitch said...

Oh this place is so nearby. :) Variety looks pretty good too. How much is the price btw?

Wilson Ng said...

Price per pax is RM 23.80

ai wei said...

a great place for gathering! steamboat but pork free o >__<

Anonymous said...

is it HALAL???