Saturday, August 15, 2009

Amazing Thailand Festival 2009 @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

I was at the Amazing Thailand Festival 2009 at Mid Valley Exhibition Center yesterday. Let me share with you some of the pictures I took.


The Thai Cultural Performances...


The food carvings!


Thai desserts... yum yum...


Umbrella paintings!


The lovely food products. The various Wasabi sauce and the various Lactasoy drinks. Personally I was addicted to the real wasabi paste yesterday and the Lactasoy's Black Sesame drink.

I will be there today and tomorrow working. See you there!


ai wei said...

lactasoy is great. i love it but have yet to try the sesame 1

maRCus said...

hey hey wilson gor!! i was here and im so glad we met! XD

Wilson Ng said...

ai wei: black sesame sold out de but can get from Jusco

marcus: i was like whoaa, mr marcus also comes to mid valley! just kidding... nice chatting with u since the last food review we had...