Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Live Blogging: From Tune Hotel, Penang

Well, its not really my intention to do live blogging from Tune Hotel, Penang. Just that I couldn't sleep even a whole day long of work so why not?

I checked in quarter to 12 midnight. Pre-booked the rooms yesterday and got ourselves (me and my crews) a very small but very clean and modern looking rooms. Its a one night stay, I'm leaving later.

I posted a few messages on my msn, twitter and plurk asking for supper from Penangites, only a few replied. Knowing my usual over friendly craziness attitude, I called it a day rather than seeking for a friend for supper.

Without me around, my wife went out with her friends till late. I had no say in her social life, she had her own privacy exclusively for her. Of course, I do know the friends she went out with.

I took a few pictures in this room that I'm having now, will upload it probably later.

Few things that I discover about Tune Hotel I want to share here:
1. No TV
2. Air Cond - Chargeable
3. Towels and Soaps - Chargeable
4. No Mineral Water.
5. No Breakie
6. No Phone /No Room Service
7. WIFI - Chargeable
8. Slow WIFI
9. Walls are thin
10. Very Reasonable Price - Below RM 80 per night
11. Checked out at 10 am
12. Rooms are tidy and clean
13. Very modern and comfortable rooms (bed is okay)
14. Go advertisements in the room
15. Glass bathroom doors

My room overlooks the busy night city view of Penang. Something that I would brag about, a view with such cheap price.

At this moment, smartly I left my bag in the car. I wouldn't bother as I'm heading to sleep right now. Lots of amazing places coming soon, I promise. Thanks for reading and I really appreciate comments and clicking my ads. I will be heading to Kuantan soon as well as Malacca (again) and Johor Bahru. I have a pending destinations to Hadyai and Jakarta this month. Both are for leisure.

*Trust me, this is not a paid advertorial! Good Night!


Baby said...

no aircond? sleep with fan or open windows?

J2Kfm said...

seriously, Tune Hotels over-rated lah, I feel.
there are other hotels in penang, +-RM100, with air cond, towels, TV and the basic amenities.

Frat Mustard said...

Hazy air is free... but they might charge him to open the window :P

BIg Boys Oven said...

chargeable air-cond. . . .. rather an interesting concept!

iamthewitch said...

You should try to stay at apartments instead of hotel, more value for money for big groups and better amenities too! :) Eh I miss talking to Rachel! When are you guys coming over to Puchong so we can meet up for meal? :)

PureGlutton said...

Wahlau - everything also must charge?!! In the end may have to pay as much as other regular hotels!

Wilson Ng said...

baby: i paid for the air cond :)

j2kfm: will ask for ur advice next time... thanks bro :P

frat: cough cough... too much haze.. lol

bbo: hair dryer also charge!

iamwitch: will link u as well.. calling calling ler...

pureglutton: yes, but its still lower and much cleaner and newer than the rest at this rate...

CUMI & CIKI said...

value for monies.. cannot ask for more!

ck lam said...

Did not know that you are here in Penang. How come did not call me out for a meal?

Wilson Ng said...

cumi&ciki: I agree

cklam: Too rushing, next time when I come with my wife. Thanks for reading!