Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snow Flakes Beer @ Restoran 2008, Cheras

Like some or probably many people in town, I never heard of snow beer before. It started last week when my designer started a conversation about the snow beer. It started like this:

"Have you had a snow beer before?" - Jarod
"No, what's that?" - Superwilson
"Something amazing" - Jarod
"Are you sure?" - SW
"Damn bloody sure!"- Jarod
"Then, I'm gonna blog about it!" - SW

I do mean it when I said I'm gonna blog about it. In fact, the next day I tried to locate the restaurant. To my horror, they closed during lunch time! I was frustrated! I was determined to go back there again.

Well, after another few days, I brought Rachel for dinner there. The place is located in Cheras Business Centre. The shop is located in the middle area of the business centre, not the shoplots facing the main roads. Its behind Restoran Janbo and KWSP office.


It was my lucky day, I got a really lovely parking spot. When I reached there, the boss came over and served us. He suggested a few dishes to two of us. Something that was quite unique I would say.


The Emperor's noodle (RM 6.00). The noodle is stir fried together with meat (not sure), carrots, cabbages, prawns, sliced fish cakes and eggs.The noodle itself is slightly dry but it was good. Its pretty light in taste and it looks like a very healthy dish to me.


The steamed chicken in foil (RM 18.00). Imagine chicken wrapped with aluminium foil together with dates, chinese dates, chinese herbs, chinese wine, chopped chilis and sliced ginger. Its something like a mini jackpot in taste. Never lacked of aroma and yet the taste was a mixture of heavenly spices with wine and a little bit of "kick" with the chilis. Chicken itself were juicy and the soup was tasty. . This was good. Not the amazingly good, but this was good.


The boss recommended heavily on the sea salt baked fish (RM 26.00). Using tilapia fish, the fish is baked with sea salt for 25 min. For that, the skin is hardened with the sea salt which makes the skin easily peeled off. The fish meat itself was slightly soft but the taste was surpisingly very fresh and "healthy". Why "healty'? The boss claimed that the fish has very least oil due to the duration of the baking session.


The star of the night would be the Snow Flakes Beer (RM 17.00). For your information,there's no special ingredients added to make the snow flakes beer. The snow flakes are just the after effects of the beer. Let me explain how.

When a beer is sub zero and poured to a super chilled glass, the beer will formed flakes instead of foams. Its not a trick but just the after effects of sub zero beer. However, to make the beer sub zero is not an easy task. Normally when a beer is in sub zero condition, it will be frozen. To make it sub zero and not frozen, the restaurant here has to change the beer in different temperature in every 4 hours. That's why a big bottle of Heineken will cost RM 17 per bottle due to the workmanship charges.

How the taste like? It tasted like "beer flavoured" snow flakes. Basically, you can eat it than drinking it. It was cooling and sensationally indulged with the smoothness of the Heineken beer. Well, of course you can have a different type of beers but I preferred Heineken. The snow flakes melts nicely in the mouth and the experience was fantastic. This is a must try!

Overall, the food was good. People there were friendly and the price there is reasonable. I would recommend this place for their snow flakes beer.

2008 Restaurant
Block C, 20-0-8, Jalan 2/101c,
Cheras Business Centre
Tel: 013-351 7479 (Danny)


thenomadGourmand said...

tht emperor noodles looks good...wanna go try the meng shiang WTM soon?

Raymond said...

great food blog..want to exchange ;ink.
i will add you in my friends list..
btw, i'm a foodie too..

email2me said...

OK. This weekend burger and snow beer there ....... muahahahahaha .......

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I used to come here with my colleagues when I worked in KL...

This certainly brings back memories...the food's decent, and the snow beer rocks!! =D

babe_kl said...

sounds like good beer :p

Big Boys Oven said...

wow I wud love to get snow flake drunk!

Joyce said...

snow beer is awesome but only if you get a very cold bottle. Was there last week n had 3 bottles. Two was great and one was a touch n go wid da flakes !

Beer is good but food there ... ok ok only lorr

Holyghost said...

Tried the beer ... nice ... :)

Wilson Ng said...

Rebecca: Taste ok ok lor...

Raymond: thanks

ken: I know u loved the beer... told ya

bangsar-babe: how do u find it?

babe-kl: yes indeed

BBO: yes, ken loved it

joyce: many commented that as well... beer's good

holyghost: :)

Suresh said...

Was there last month on Friday nite but couldn't try 'cos couldn't get parking, very disappointed but will go there again.