Thursday, May 14, 2009

Advertlets Movie Screening: Angels And Demons @ Cineleisure

*This is under personal EVENTS*

My very first Advertlets event. Thank you Advertlets for the movie invite and thank you Krispy Kreme for the free donuts.

I reached Cineleisure early to meet a bunch of new blogger friends at the Curve. Actually, I've met a few of them at a food review session earlier on. They were really nice people. We chatted a while before we proceed to the Cathay Cinemas at Cineleisure.


Since Josh was late, its good to penalise him to do something.

Josh, the donutman?

Josh is the founder and the boss of Advertlets. I spoken to him a few times, he's a cool guy.


I felt so bad when I mistaken Ellie as Adeline. Yet, she's nice enough to give away the free Krispy Kreme donuts!

Uncle Sam, Selina, Me and Jason of

Selina is always a nice person to talk to, even though I only met her twice. Jason Goh of was a great fella. He's much taller in person.

Overall, I was quite happy to meet new friends at the Advertlets movie screening. On top of that, I also bumped to Rebecca, Yanzer, Copykate, Wan Shern, Jason, Erick and Joyce Lee.

Now, for the movie review, click HERE.

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thenomadGourmand said...

lol..was wonderin hw did this post came here..thks to Josh for Krispy Kreme; he bought them..not Krispy Kreme itself.
ya lor.. many familiar faces..makes me feel at home!