Friday, April 24, 2009

Famous Portuguese Grill @ Petaling Street

There's a very famous Portuguese grill at Petaling Street. Located at the front alleys of Hong Leong Bank, they serve dinner only. To be more exact, its on the Jalan Hang Lekir.

Its not a shop, its a stall. Normally, they will give you a time frame for the food to be ready. It could be 30 min to an hour depending on the queue. The boss will ask, "Pay first, the food will be ready at that time."


Hong Kong celebrity food critic like Choy Lan visited this place before and that was like more than 10 years ago.

The uniqueness of this place is the charcoal grill, Portuguese style. The food will be wrapped with the aluminum foil and put it to grill. Together with their lovely chili sauce, they will grill it to perfection.


La la with chili sauce. When they opened the aluminum foil, you can really smell the fragrant and the aroma of the food. It was like opening "a durian". It smelt so good until a Singaporean couple sitting next to us ordered the same dish.

Wonder why is it so fragrant? I guess partially would be the banana leaf inside the aluminum foil. Grill together with chili sauce creates a mouth watering dish.

The la la was fresh and it was very good but it needs more extensive cleaning though. The chili sauce was thick, spicy and awesome.


The star of the evening would be the grill stingray (ikan pari pari). It was a mouth watering dish. The freshness of the fish together with their thick spicy chili sauce, it was irresistible. This was a must try dish.

Overall, the food there was very good. For the location, its on sideways / front alleys of the shops, no air conditioned, a bit hot at times. Go there early to book the grill first, come back later to grab a seat. I would not recommend to order la la as la la needs extensive cleaning. Go for their fresh fish and other seafoods. For the price, it varies from the sizes of the fish. Price was reasonable. It's a MUST GO place in Petaling Street.


Tel: 019 3159448 (Ah Dee)

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.


thenomadGourmand said...

i agree! i alws bring frens tat are frm overseas to this plc!

Baby said...

why must pay first?

Simon Seow said...

Yeah, the grilled food here spicy like siao. I kept perspiring and nose kept running while eating.

Wilson Ng said...

simon: too hot for you

nomad: that's very nice of u

baby: i think some idiots made the order and left before. Paying upfront is a must now.