Friday, January 2, 2009

Thai Food @ My Elephant, PJ

First thing first, searching this place is a havoc, so I included the map at the end of the post, pls check it out.

There are quite a number of Thai Restaurants out there. It seems to be, everyone can cook Thai Foods... but how many of them are nice?

I heard about this place from a few friends. So in order to make the visit "happen", we celebrated Camelia's birthday there.

We ordered quite a bit of food as there were like 8 of us.

We started myElephant's Platter, a lovely platter need to say the least. Then, chicken...
and the lovely green curry....

The feast continues with Tom Yam, deep fried prawns with dragon fruits (must try!) and vege... tom yam was good...
We had also omelette with vege, herbs and prawns and "snow fish"... Snow Fish is salt baked with special sauce... This is a must try dish as well...
The food there are good. Some are really excellent as well. Creativity on certain dishes with the lovely taste is something they should be proud of. Place must be booked, quite packed on dinner time. Service was good. We paid around RM 40 per pax for the feast.

Tel: 012-3285028, 019-360 8911

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