Friday, January 2, 2009

Taiwanese Food @ Xi Men Ting, KL


I had not been to S & M Arcade (next to Kota Raya) for years. One thing for sure, they renovated the whole place. The 2nd floor has been dedicated to food and Xi Men Ting is one of the restaurants there. I was with Rachel and we wanted something quick and fast.

We ordered the famous "Lion head" meat rice and Pork Chop rice. It was quite good. Quite authentic taste. For dessert, we had "Konjac" jelly.

The pork chop rice was good, I loved it. The "lion head" meat rice was pretty good also. Service was good. Per pax around RM 15 and below. Not bad.

2-26, 2nd Floor
S & M Shopping Arcade
Tel: 03-2072 1388

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