Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bangkok Roadside BBQ Stalls (Jan 09)

Bangkok is filled with many food stalls. Its everywhere. Even in front of luxury shopping malls like Central World. Nevertheless, I did try out their infamous BBQ Stalls (roadside version).

They normally sell chicken satay, chicken wing, pork satay and the chicken liver (I think). The pork satay is usually 5 Baht per stick (10 Baht in shopping malls) and chicken satay is 10 Baht per stick (20 Baht in shopping malls). The other 2.... I forgot to ask...

I tried the pork satay, not too bad. Often a bit dry, tender but well marinated. The chicken satay is always juicy. Mainly because its well marinated and its a combination of meat and fat I guess. Its very addictive when you find a lovely stall that BBQ the chicken to perfection.
Its a must try Bangkok street food BUT remember to bring your tummy pills (just in case).

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