Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mexican Food @ Frontera Bar & Grill, Jaya One

This was my first time to Jaya One. Frankly, I was quite impressed with the restaurants and cafes in the area.

Finding Frontera Bar was not hard, there were signs around the area. Located opposite of Halo Cafe and Brussels Beer Cafe, this is the second Mexican restaurant I visited in Malaysia.


We ordered Chips and Salsa. This was pretty good. A great starter for the night.


Next, we had Frontera Nachos. This was good as well. Their fresh home made tortilla chips covered with refried beans and topped with cheese and jalapeno.

Jalapeno is a medium to large size chili pepper which is prized for its warm, burning sensation when eaten - Wikipedia

This was good. Blends very well with sour cream.


Next, the infamous Habanero!

Habanero is one of the most intensely spicy species of chili peppers of the Capsicum Genus. - Wikipedia

Its so spicy until the restaurant decided to take it off the menu! They told us that patrons vomitted and puke after taking it. Some even consulted the doctors! At first I didn't believe them until.....


Rachel turned RED! She only ate like 1/2 cm size of Habanero. For once, I chicken out. Rachel always considered herself a good chili eater and she turned red.

It was a NO NO to me....


I ordered "Tex-Mex Burrito". Shredded chicken were Tortilla wrapped, served with refried beans and rice. It was very filling. The refried beans were a bit too soft to my likings. :P


Frontera Chimichanga! The Chimichanga sounds like something very complicated. Actually its the same as Tex-Mex but just that they deep fried the whole thing.

Overall I loved the starters, the main course was average to me. Price per pax should go around RM 30 excluding liquor. Service was good, people there was nice.

No. 18-8-2 Block L,
Palm Square, Jaya One
Jalan University, Petaling Jaya.
T +603 7958 8515


rokh said...

i've been here too and tasted the chili! it was 'cool' ha-ha

bir said...

Lousy service; forrd ok! service SO bad!

Wilson Ng said...

rokh: Well, i prefer a few only...

bir: okay... sorry to hear that...