Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amazing Ambience @ Mandi Mandi, Tamarind Springs

Me and Rachel was invited for a birthday gathering at Mandi Mandi, Tamarind Springs in Ampang. Since I was born around that area, locating the place was easy to me.

From Flamengo Hotel, turned in to Ampang Jaya. Go straight, passed SPCA (on the left) and passed the golf course(on the left). Go straight until you reached a T junction and turn left. Go up the hill (golf course on your left, bungalow houses on your right) you will reached Tamarind Spring on your left. There's designated parking spaces there.

The moment we stepped into the place, we entered a "different world".


It was like we were lost in the woods. Yet, we were guided by the tiny candles that glowed the pathway.


We went down the slopes and stairs slowly and we found Mandi Mandi. Its a lovely small restaurant.


The interior was amazing and breathtaking.


We were brought to a small hut on top of a little hill where the birthday girl booked a huge table.


The night was full of laughters and fun.

The reason that I didn't post up more pictures because I believed you should go and experience yourself. Better for me not to spoil it here.

For the food, we didn't eat much so I didn't bother to review about it. Actually, that's an excuse for me to go there again. I don't really mind going there again.

The people there were friendly and the food there was good. BOOKED first to avoid disappointment.

A nice place to bring your partner for a romantic experience. (We saw a guy proposed to a girl on that night)

Jln 1 Taman T.A.R, 68000 Ampang, Selangor D.E.
Tel: 603.4256.9300


kruel74 said...

Yes, I agree, the place is nice...

k@i-cHi said... near my place....and I didnt even knew its there! lol...i can feel my birthday dinner there

Amran Shahir Ismail said...

Taman Tar.. is it the place past ISKL? After the famous burger ampang?

Wilson Ng said...

kruel: worth to go just to see

kaichi: good 4 u...

amran: yes, its there...