Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jogoya (Japanese Buffet) @ StarHill

I've long heard about this Japanese Buffet place, Jogoya. A few of my friends didn't manage to try Jogoya as well so we made a pact to go there together a few weeks back. We went there for only one mission... Mission to eat until lausai full. Below are the pictures of the food that we ate...

Like many kiasu buffet eaters, we go for the sashimi.... In this we go for salmon... Fresh..

Then we go for seafoods...

Mission accomplished!!

After the seafood, we go another round of "Seafood boiled in paper bowl"!!

After sashimi and boiled seafood, we go for GRILL!! Few varieties of Mussels and Oysters!!

Then we go back with fish again!!!

Sailormoon Jacqui goes for grill fish!!

Fresh Oysters!!

More Seafoo
Sailormoon Jacqui then goes for dessert... she's showing various types of Mochis....

Unidentified desserts...

More desserts!!!

Lagi More Desserts!!

Then we go back to foods again!!

Then we go for unlimited Haagen Daas Ice Cream!!!

After so many rounds of seafoods, n then desserts n then seafoods again, mission accomplished! Confirmed lausai full!!

Other than seafoods and lovely desserts, they offer various Malaysian foods such as noodles, kuey teow and also dim sum. There are also sushis and other type of foods. To be frank, this is one of the biggest buffet restaurant I had in KL. There are also white wine and other cocktails available. Fresh coconuts also available and they are lovely...

After tax, a person pay around RM 10x,... I'm not a big fan of buffet as I'm a small eater... Don't judge me with my size... I felt that its still worth it even though it hits RM 100... They do have fresh sashimis which I think its very nice as well as wines and cocktails. Not to mention the Haagen Daas ice creams... 1 scoop outside cost u about RM 10, so you do the maths... I will come back again for sure...

*Pictures are courtesy from Miss Mynx....

T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang
TEL: +603-2142-1268

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