Friday, September 26, 2008

Chipotle Mexican Grill @ New York (2007)

First thing first, this was on APRIL 2007... I was there for a working trip to New York... Basically we were looking a nice lunch place... And while we were walking around... We saw...

Chipotle Mexican Grill.... We were like "Mexican?? Why not!?"

Lunch hour was packed! We were queuing up and taking out turns for the beloved Burito!!
One thing about Burito is u need it custom made!!

Look at the varieties of stuffs u can put into the Burito!!

The ladies were nice and they were teasing me... coz I didn't know what I want for my Burito...

They worked fast and they were very friendly!!

So I did manage to "pimp" my Burito!!

Check out the size of my Burito!!! Its like "Godzilla" Burito size... Sad to say I couldn't finish it again... It was just so damn "Godzilllaa!!"

Price is around 10 dollars, self service and food is excellent. If you really want to "pimp" your own Burito, this place is no regrets!

For more info, please visit their site here. They are franchise Mexican food chain now.

For New York retail outlets click HERE.

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