Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pan Mee @ Fancy Mee Corner, Jalan Ipoh


A few weeks ago, I was invited to try out this new Pan Mee outlet in Jalan Ipoh. Thanks Sid of for the invitation. Together with were other bloggers like Mei Yee, Taufulou and Chris Tock.

Its located at the same row with the famous Jalan Ipoh Curry Noodle. Sadly, I haven't covered that yet. In short, it's opposite Jalan Ipoh Public Bank.


It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and we were ready for a great pan mee!


We started with their tasty bubble tea, I ordered the Yam Pearl Milk Tea. You can see the "black pearls" at the bottom of the drink. The drink rumored origin from Taiwan and made popular by them.


Fancy Mee Corner lacked no power in spiciness. They had various versions of chillies to cater the different types of taste of chillies, depending on personal preferences.


Fried dumplings (RM 4.20 for 5 pcs). The hot crispy dumplings were decent, yet addictive.


The fried dumplings were priced at 5 pcs for RM 4.20. Unlike the usual dumplings, the fillings contained meat and ginger. Slightly similar to gyoza fillings.

foo chok

Fried foo chok with curry (RM 2.00) was next. It was fried foo chok topped with curry gravy.

fried pan mee

Interesting enough, they fried the pan mee to snack like food. This finger food priced at RM 2.50. Good to order this to munch while waiting for the noodle.

fried wonton

Cute little fried wan ton came with 8 pcs at RM 3.20.


The dried chilli pan mee priced at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. With egg, minced meat, anchovies, fried shallots and dried chilli, this was as good as it gets.


For those who loves the traditional pan mee with soup, try Mum's Pan Mee at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. Instead of using the usual ingredients such as minced meat, they offered meat ball and their famous "fried fish cakes" (on the spoon).


The pan mee feast continued with spring onion pan mee at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. Soup based pan mee with generous amount of spring onion. Something different than the usuals.

dried pan mee

Dried braised pan mee at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. Dry version of pan mee, another version to cater those that prefer dry than soup based.

pan mee xx

The lunch was really packed with innovative types of pan mee. Instead of going places to try, Fancy Mee Corner has almost everything in package. Price was reasonable and service was okay.

Thank you again Sid for the invitation. It was quite some Pan Mee!

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yummyfoodstastydrinks said...

They got a branch at Wangsa Maju tried on their pan mee during college time..not bad..^o^..but haven't try on their fried pan mee chance will try on this..

iamthewitch said...

I personally liked the dried chilly pan mee

CUMI & CIKI said...

Excellent shots. C&c also big fans of pan mee;)

~Christine~Leng said...

lotsa noodle house like this mushrooming around hor?.. :)
pan mee fever nowadays ;)
food looks good here tho ^^

Big Boys Oven said...

I love pan mee but must have it fresh! taste delicious with loads of chilli!