Monday, August 17, 2009

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant Food Review @ One Bangsar


How could I resist an invitation to Bangsar Seafood Garden food review with fellow food bloggers like FatBoyBakes, Babe in the City, Bangsar Babe, A Whiff of Lemongrass, The Nomad Gourmand, Lots of Cravings, Frat Mustard and many more...

Before I start, thanks Jade and Fatboybakes for the invitation.

It was my first time dining at Bangsar Seafood Garden at One Bangsar. Me and wife, Rachel were surprised to see there was a huge group there. We were probably the most junior among them.

boneless chic

The feast started with the Boneless Chicken with Fruits Sauce (Medium: RM 20 Large: RM 40). Chicken deep fried and cut to pieces and it went well with the fruit sauce.


Steamed Red Snapper Fish with Bean Sauce (1 Kg RM 90). Fish was tender even though its fried and the bean sauce was a good combination all together.


Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Special Curry (Small: RM28 Medium: RM 45 Large: RM 60). Rachel saw this and scooped a bit of the curry sauce and tasted it. The only reaction from her face was good. Well, another thing about this dish was the freshness of the prawns. I heard some holy words from the other side of the table.... "The prawns are very FRESH! NICE!" Well, should I elaborate more about this?


Braised Beancurd Combinations (Small: RM 15 Medium: RM 25 Large: RM 35). The beancurd was very smooth, homemade probably? Not to mentioned the sauce with broccoli, water chestnut and yam. Lovely!


Egg Omelettes with Crab Meat (Small: RM 15 Medium: RM 25 Large: RM 35). Trust me, this was not a pancake. It was presented so nice that I felt bad of having it.


Stewed Chinese Cabbage with Dried Scallops & Mushroom (Only Large: RM 50). A very healthy dish. Chinese cabbage stewed with a generous amount of dried scallops and mushrooms.

fry rie

Fried rice with crab meat was next and it was good. At this point, everyone started to slow down on the foods.

butter crab

Butter Crab (1 Kg Rm 60) got everyone on the moves again. The freshness of the crab and creamy butter sauce. I'm hungry already!

egg yolk crab

Stir Fried Crab Meat with Salted Egg Yolk (1 Kg Rm 60). Fresh crabs were fried and coated with salted egg yolk. Within minutes, the whole plate was "magically" disappeared! Thank you guys!

steamed bun

Fried Bun & Steamed Bun (6 pcs Rm 3). At least I still had the cute little crab shaped steamed buns with the butter sauce.


When we thought the feast was over, we were so wrong! We got so stuffed until we forgot about the desserts. The mango cream with sago, was another lovely dessert to end an amazing night with friends and fellow bloggers.

We thank again Jade and Cheng Yi of FatBoyBakes again for the magnificent dinner. And also thanks for the lovely people who brought the alcohol for the night.

Thanks for having us.

Wait! That's not all, please check out their Ramadan Set Menus as well:

Dine in style, this Ramadan:
Enjoy 9 signature dishes. Devour 1 KG of crabs for free.
Fom RM 498+

RM 498+: Appetizer, Shark’s Fin Soup, Chicken with Ginger, Spicy Fried
Fish, Lychee Prawns, Signature Beancurd, ‘Kampung’ fried rice, Custard
Buns, Dessert

RM 598+: Appetizer, Sharks Fin Soup, Chicken with Plum Sauce, Pomfret with
Bean Sauce, Prawns with Sweet Corn Sauce, Steamed “Sang Gan”, Tom Yam
Noodles, Banana with “Gula Melaka”, Dessert

RM 698+: Appetizer, Double boiled soup, Roast chicken, Red snapper, Otak
Otak Fried Prawns, Braised Sea Cucumber, Oyster Fried Rice, Chinese
Pastries, Dessert

RM 898+: Homemade appetizers, Sharks Fin Soup with Pumpkin, Boneless Duck,
Curried Garoupa, Braised Seafood, Mango Prawns, Garlic Fried Rice, Banana
& ‘Gula Melaka’, Dessert


Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant
63, One Bangsar
Jalan Ara
Bangsar Baru

Tel: 03-2282 2555

Website HERE.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Ohhhh crab shaped that's what it's supposed to resemble! Thanks for the info. :-) Lovely seeing you and your wife again.

CUMI & CIKI said...

niceeeeeee ! i think i read this post 4 times so far.. something laidat.. and 12dozen more to go rite? haha:P

Big boys Oven said...

yalor, I do agree with cumi&ciki, this is my 5th time lol!

Frat said...

Yes Ciki... mine not out yet. I'm going after FBB

Lisa said...

I can read and look at the photos over and over...not bored at all haha. Still taste the food in my mouth man....especially the crab. Oh boy! said...

hello wilson =)

thank U! lovely!
aiyo..i also hungry...


Wilson Ng said...

lemongrass: Yeah, as always...

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lisa: i like crabs, trust me...

jade: thanks for reading

Baby said...

i supposed by the time u eat finish the dessert, you are too full to move anymore

Simon Seow said...

You're now more popular than me. :p