Sunday, May 31, 2009

Famous Mushroom Ramli Burger Special @ Burger Shop SS 15

Much has been heard about this place. Mainly from Andrew, Chris, Rebecca and also Ken. I read it from their plurk, their facebook and even their blog. So then I promised myself to try it.

It was a supper, after a food tasting session with fellow food bloggers. Lucky enough, Rebecca and Ken brought me to the burger shop at SS15. The burger shop is not really a shop, its a converted mini truck. Don't expect any tables or chairs. Eat it standing, Malaysian style!

Locating this place was easy. Its on the same road towards Asia Cafe. Look out to the left side of parking before reaching Asia Cafe, you could easily spot the mini-truck.

Me and Ken started to snap pictures with our DSLRs, they didn't really paying attention to us. It seems to be they really "pro" in getting photographed.

Ramli Burger Special is a famous Malaysian street food. Ramli is the brand name of the burger patty and its a household name in Malaysia and now probably Singapore. Burger special in Malaysian term means wrapping the meat patty with egg. It requires skillful technique to wrap the patty wholely with an egg. Burger special also sometimes added with Worchester sauce, black pepper sauce and pepper. Burger special is usually available at burger stalls in front of 7 Eleven stores in Malaysia. - Superwilson


Working hours..


The menu....


We waited no more and ordered mushroom burger special.


I must admit the burger here do has their own uniqueness and style. I wouldn't prefer to compare with anyone else. Reason being, I never like to be compared so I guess its a mutual thing. The added mushroom created a different style of Ramli burger special. It's worth a try! Recommendable!

Subang Jaya SS 15/8 (Same road as Asia Cafe, on the parking lot before Asia Cafe facing the shoplots)


Raymond said...

Mushroom,one of my favorite!Can't wait to get my hands on these...the most special one i've eaten here in Kuching is that they add pineapple,going to review it when i go there..

Big Boys Oven said...

you so jialat, go alone and didn't call me lol! a must try one!